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Temporary Car Shelter

Heat Pumps

Compulsory permit

Before proceeding to the installation of a heat pump, you must meet with an inspector from the permits section of the City of Laval Urban Planning department (no appointment necessary). It is preferable to bring the heat pump installation guide, your tax statement and your certificate of localization.

Housing Accessories
Pools and Fences

Location of heat pump

The heat pump must be installed at a minimum distance of 3 meters (10 feet) from a property line, exception: when installed on the side of your home, the minimum distance is 7,5 meters (25 feet) for the installation of a heat pump. Moreover, the heat pump must be installed in order to be unapparent. For example, you may:

    install your heat pump so that one of the walls of the building makes it unapparent;

    surround it by an opaque or decorative fence;

    plant a dense hedge of evergreens whose height, is as high as the heat   pump, but without exceeding 2,5 meters (8 feet);

    add a screen or a low wall, etc, of which the minimal height equals that of the heat pump.

All the materials used for the construction of a low wall, a screen or any other enclosure must be similar to those of the building. Particular standards govern the grounds of corner properties and waterside properties.


The heat pump must be installed in such a way that it is not a nuisance to your neighbours.

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This is not an official English translation. This text is an extract from the regulation L-2000 and is published for consultation purposes only. This information does not replace the dispositions in the official regulations from the City of Laval.