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Housing Accessories

A regulation...


 In order to ensure the visual harmony in the residential sectors of Laval, the City established a regulation concerning the placement of housing accessories.

This regulation relates in particular to garages, sheds and greenhouses installed on a residential property.

The purpose for this information, is to guide you so that you can easily conform to the present regulation.

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The surfaces

The garage

You are permitted to have only one garage by property.

Maximum surface of the garage: 300 square feet (27,87 square meters) on a property of less than 10 000 square feet;

Maximum surface of 600 square feet (55,74 square meters) on a property of 10 000 square feet and more. The total height of any detached garage should not exceed 12 feet (3,65 meters).

The shed

You are permitted to have only one shed by property.

Maximum surface of the shed: 150 square feet (13,93 square meters). Total height, 10 feet (3,04 meters).

The greenhouse

It's surface should not exceed 10 percent of the total surface of the backyard.


Front yard

No housing accessory can be placed in the front yard, unless the front yard has a depth of at least 50 feet (15,24 meters) and that the frontage of the housing accessory is located at a distance of at least 20 feet (6,09 meters) from the road and by leaving a space of at least 4 feet (1,22 meter) with the limit of your neighbours property.


A housing accessory can be installed anywhere in the backyard, in the condition that the rain, coming from the roof does not flow onto your neighbours property.

When a side yard or backyard corresponds to the road, the housing accessory is fixed with the same regulation which prevails for the principal building.

Side yard

A housing accessory can be installed in a side yard, in the condition that it is located at a minimum distance of 20 feet (6,09 meters) of the frontage of the principal building, and leaving a space of at least 4 feet (1,22 meter) with the limit of the neighbour's property.

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The materials used for any additional building must be similar to those of the principal building.

Where ever the placement of the additional building, the materials which meet the standards of the regulation are:

For the roof:

·  asphalt shingle;

·  prepainted sheet.

For the walls:

·  painted wood;

·  prepainted sheet;

·  aluminium; 

or any other similar material.

The construction

The rules to observe concerning...

The garage

A garage detached from the principal building and is in the backyard must be built with fireproof materials when it is placed at a distance of less than 4 foot (1,22 meter) from the property line.

The walls of foundation of a garage whose maximum surface is 600 square feet (55,74 square meters) can be built either of blocks of masonry, or out of cast concrete.

The construction permit

The work of a value higher than 500 $ requires a permit. This permit will be given to you at the City of Laval Urban Planning department.

The necessary documents

The following documents must accompany your request for the permit:

·     A plan showing the frame and the composition of the roof, the walls and external finishing. The plans of foundation must also be provided,

·     A plan done by scale showing the placement of the projected building, compared to the property lines and the principal building.

·     The certificate of localization.

·     Tax statement.

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This is not an official English translation. This text is an extract from the regulation L-2000 and L-3000-1 and is published for consultation purposes only. This information does not replace the dispositions in the official regulations from the City of Laval.