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Small Claims


Anyone who contravenes Bylaw L-7967, some of whose clauses are contained below, will be committing an offence and will then be liable to:

For a person :

A fine of at least 200 $ and a maximum of 1,000 $. For a reoccurrence, the amount will be between 400 $ and 2, 000 $.

For a legal entity (company) :

A fine of at least 400 $ and a maximum of 2000 $. For a reoccurrence, the amount will be between 800 $ and 4, 000 $.

Being a Good Neighbour

Did you know that in Laval, there exists a regulation concerning nuisance?

It is called Bylaw L-7967

The main clauses are as follows

Article 2:  NUISANCE

The following are considered to be a nuisance and are prohibited; moreover, they are subject to the fines stipulated in this Bylaw:

Undergrowth, weeds, scrap metal, refuse and foul-smelling substances

a) An owner, tenant or occupant of a piece of land may not let any undergrowth over 0.3 metres high nor any weeds grow on that land nor any scrap metal, refuse, paper, branches or foul-smelling substances there. 

b) No scrap metal, refuse, papers, branches or foul-smelling substances may be placed or thrown on a piece of land.

Accumulation of water

c) An owner, tenant or occupant of a piece of land may not keep a pond on that land nor any other accumulation of water that is contaminated or that represents a health or public safety hazard.

Dumping materials on the public roadway or in waterways

d) Earth may not be thrown or placed on or along a public roadway, nor any paper, refuse or other harmful materials on or along such a roadway, nor into or along waterways.

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e) Obstructing, diverting or giving permission to obstruct a ditch is prohibited.

Repairing or storing road vehicles

f) Using, maintaining, repairing, parking or storing machinery or a road vehicle in such a way that interferes with the peace and quiet in the neighbourhood as a result of odor, glaring lights or smoke is prohibited.

Odor, dust

g) using any product, substance, object or refuse emitting an odor, dust or any particles whatsoever, so as to disturb the neighbourhood is prohibited.

Soot and smoke

i) It is prohibited to allow emanations from soot or smoke in such a way that disturbs the neighbourhood.


j) It is prohibited to use a source of light or a light-reflecting object in such a way that disturbs the neighbourhood.

Wild animals

k) It is prohibited to keep any wild animal on one's care. What is authorized, however, is keeping a wild animal for scientific, educational or breeding purposes or for public shows, providing that there are no public hazards in doing so.

Despite the provisions of the paragraph above, keeping and breeding wild animals must be done in accordance with the terms and conditions of Ville de Laval's Bylaw L-2000.


l) It is prohibited to distribute newspapers, circulars, advertisements or other similar printed matter on the public roadway or from door-to-door, without placing them in letterboxes or, if there are no letterboxes, without placing them in such a way that they don't fly around in the wind.


m) It is prohibited to practice archery in a public place, using a regular bow and arrow or a cross bow. Also prohibited is using a regular bow and arrow or cross bow in the direction of a place where one or more people are located.

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Paragraphs a), b), c), d), e), f), g), i), j), l) and n), are to be enforced by the City's Public Works and l'environnement urbain, and paragraphs k) and m) by the Service de la protection des citoyens.