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Temporary Car Shelter


Your tree or the city?

If branches or roots from a neighbouring property are encroaching on your own property, the City of Laval recommends that disputes be settled between neighbours, as it cannot intervene in neighbour-to-neighbour relations.

In the case of a tree belonging to the City of Laval, you may contact our Service des travaux publics et environnement urbain if:

  A tree looks like it is going to fall;

  The branches are harming and obstructing a public road;

  The roots are seriously damaging your property, etc.

Housing  Accessories
Pools and Fences
Heat Pumps

Prohibited trees : the poplar and the weeping willow.

One cannot take the law into your own hands. It is prohibited to cut branches or roots of a tree located on public property or on a public road. Only the City's Service des travaux publics et environnement urbain can intervene and take the necessary action.

This is not an official English translation. This text is an extract from the regulation L-2000  and is published for consultation purposes only. This information does not replace the dispositions in the official regulations from the City of Laval.